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Sterilized Hospital Gauze / Gauze Roll For Medical Surgica
Sterilized Hospital Gauze / Gauze Roll For Medical , Surgical
Product description

1.100% cotton gauze material.
2. Color: bleached white.
3. Cotton yarn:  40"s, 32"s, 21"s. 
4. Mesh size: 12*8, 19*15, 24*20, 28*24 available..
5. Size: 36" x50y/50m, 36" x100y/100m, 1m x100m, 120cmx1000m/2000m/3000m
6. Style: Folding edge or non-folding edge available. With x ray or not.
7. Packing: 
    Roll in 4Ply: white paper inside, blue kraft paper outside or one roll in PE bag.
    Roll in 2Ply: one roll per PE bag, 20rolls in plastic knitting bag.
8. We accept small quantity orders, and customized branding packing.
Specification and Packing

Yarn and Mesh Specification Quantity Package
40'S  12×8 36"×100YDS-4PLY 20ROLLS/CTN   Ø11CM 57×46×24CM
  36"×100M-4PLY 20ROLLS/CTN   Ø11.5CM 59.5×48×24CM
  36"×50M-4PLY 40ROLLS/CTN   Ø8.5CM 44.5×36×46.5CM
40'S  20×12 36"×100YDS-2PLY 20ROLLS/CTN   Ø 11.5CM 59.5×48×46.5CM
  36"×100YDS-4PLY 20ROLLS/CTN   Ø 14CM 72×30×46.5CM
  36"×100M-4PLY 20ROLLS/CTN   Ø 15CM 77×32×46.5CM
  36"×50M-4PLY 40ROLLS/CTN   Ø 11.5CM 59.5×48×46.5CM
40'S  19×15 36"×100YDS-1PLY 20ROLLS/CTN   Ø 9.5CM 92×40×49.5CM
  36"×100YDS-2PLY 20ROLLS/CTN   Ø 12CM 62×50×46.5CM
  36"×100YDS-4PLY 20ROLLS/CTN   Ø 15CM 77×32×46.5CM
  36"×100M-1PLY 20ROLLS/CTN   Ø 10CM 92×42×52CM
  36"×100M-2PLY 20ROLLS/CTN   Ø 12.5CM 64.5×52×46.5CM
  36"×100M-4PLY 20ROLLS/CTN   Ø 16CM 82×34×46.5CM
  36"×50M-4PLY 40ROLLS/CTN   Ø 12CM 62×50×46.5CM
40'S   26×18 36"×100YDS-1PLY 20ROLLS/CTN   Ø 10.5CM 92×44×54.5CM
  36"×100YDS-2PLY 20ROLLS/CTN   Ø 14CM 72×58×46.5CM
  36"×100YDS-4PLY 20ROLLS/CTN   Ø 18CM 92×38×46.5CM
  36"×100M-1PLY 20ROLLS/CTN   Ø 11.5CM 92×48×59.5CM
  36"×100M-2PLY 20ROLLS/CTN   Ø 15CM 77×62×46.5CM
  36"×100M-4PLY 20ROLLS/CTN   Ø 19CM 97×40×46.5CM
  36"×50M-4PLY 40ROLLS/CTN   Ø 13.5CM 69.5×56×46.5CM
40'S    28×24 36"×100YDS-1PLY 20ROLLS/CTN   Ø 11CM 92×46×57CM
  36"×100YDS-2PLY 20ROLLS/CTN   Ø 15CM 77×62×46.5CM
  36"×100YDS-4PLY 12ROLLS/CTN   Ø 22CM 68×46×46.5CM
  36"×50M-4PLY 20ROLLS/CTN   Ø 14.5CM 74.5×31×46.5CM
Sample Policy
1. Existing Samples Sampling time: 1day.
2. Sample according to your design drawing. Sampling time: 3-5days.
3. Design your own sample, then remake it.
4. Make mass production after your confirm the sample.
5. Samples express fee: Western Union.
6. Shipping:  Samples delivered by DHL, FEDEX, TNT, UPS, EMS; the bulk goods shipping by sea.